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Baby-LINC Lab

Learning through Interpersonal Neural Communication


Peppar is an MPhil student working on the SPELL study, looking at potential genetic and brain activity markers of dyslexia in newborn infants. Her next step will be medical school in the US, her home country, with plans to become a neonatologist (baby doctor) or child neurologist. Her goal is to further understanding of infant brain development in order to prevent and treat lifelong disability. In her spare time, Peppar crochets blankets for babies in the hospital, makes lace, and helps run events for the Cambridge University First Aid Society.



Key publications: 
Arnett, M. G., Pan, M. S., Doak, W., Cyr, P. E. P., Muglia, L. M., & Muglia, L. J. (2015). The role of glucocorticoid receptor-dependent activity in the amygdala central nucleus and reversibility of early-life stress programmed behavior. Translational Psychiatry, 5, doi:10.1038/tp.2015.35
Hitchcock, K. E., Caudell, D. N., Sutton, J. T., Melvin, K. E., Vela, D., Pyne-Geithman, G. J., Abruzzo, T., Cyr, P. E. P., Geng, Y-J., McPherson, D. D., Holland, C. K. (2010). Ultrasound-enhanced delivery of targeted echogenic liposomes in a novel ex vivo mouse aorta model, Journal of Controlled Release, 144, 288-295.
MPhil student (a.k.a. Baby researcher in training)
 Peppar  Cyr
Not available for consultancy