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Baby-LINC Lab

Learning through Interpersonal Neural Communication


I am currently working on the very exciting "Mother-Infant Brain Synchrony" Project at the Baby-LINC Lab. Discovering my passion for learning processes, children's development and significant relationships, I finished my MSc in Educational Psychology in 2009. My written dissertation explored the concept of emotional intelligence within the Portuguese educational setting. The results addressed the importance of emotional intelligence in the relational context of teaching and learning. I worked in Portugal as a registered psychologist between 2009 and 2014. In 2015 I came to Cambridge and worked as a Research Assistant at the Faculty of Education,  on the Project "Mind Match Chess", studying the impact of an after-school chess club on children's executive function. I have also attended the NBAS (Neonatal Behavioural Assessment Scale) course at The Brazelton Centre UK, where I am collaborating on research. This is what ignited my curiousity about baby behaviour. My main interest remains in the field of Educational and Developmental Psychology, and the intersection with the Neurosciences, with a focus on babies' development. I hope to do my PhD on Infant Psychological Development.


Key publications: 

Nicolau, S. (2008). Perceived Emotional Intelligence: An exploratory study with teachers and students (Unpublished Master's dissertation). ISPA, Lisbon, Portugal.

Research Intern
 Susana  Nicolau
Not available for consultancy